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  • Quality Inspection

    Quality Inspection

    In the process of mold manufacturing, quality inspection is a very important link.

    We strictly test raw materials, heat treatment, equipment accuracy, processing accuracy, surface treatment, products and other aspects, and all parts must be inspected.

    Can proceed to the next process. The mold quality control method adopts the self-inspection of workers, the first inspection of the quality inspector in each process, the inspection of the quality inspector in the processing process and the final inspection of the quality inspector after completion to ensure the stability and reliability of the mold.

  • Assmbly Workshop

    Assmbly Workshop

    From production management, mold making, hardware processing and other types of talents in Yuhong have undergone strict and perfect training.

    Planned technical assessment and continuous technical exchanges enable them to comprehensively improve their professional level and professionalism in their work practice.

    With customer demand as the driving force, create first-class products, with zero defects as the standard for evaluating quality effectiveness, the process is strictly processed according to the material process requirements to ensure quality.

  • CNC machining workshop

    CNC machining workshop

    Production management standard is an important measure of production and operation activities and the realization of technical standards, it combines all aspects of enterprise management and each unit, department posts organically, unified to product quality management, in order to obtain the best quality products.

  • Design Capability

    Design Capability

    The company has a professional design team, with years of technical accumulation can meet all kinds of high standards of mold design

    Greatly improve mold accuracy and construction period.

    It has the comprehensive ability to design, open mold, manufacture and provide technical support for different shapes and characteristics of molds.

    We can develop precision multi-cavity molds according to customers' specific requirements, and provide customized products to meet customers' specific packaging requirements.